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Press Release 2016
The prestigious 3-day gastronomy feast will once again take place in the unique setting of the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle. You can look forward to demonstrations of top Czech restaurants whose local and international delicacies will be paired with wine, beer and soft drinks. Both renowned chefs and starting stars will prepare high gastronomy dishes that respect sustainable development of our planet as well as the “Taste-Waste” philosophy.

Moreover, visitors will have a unique chance to taste dishes and beverages which will commemorate the 14th century and the time of the renowned Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Because in 2016, 700 years will have passed since the birth of the ruler who fundamentally influenced the development of our country.
3 days * 4 hectares * 18.000 visitors * 44 degustation stands
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Trailer from the Prague Food Festival 2016:



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