Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017


Tickets on sale from 1 April 2016 here on our webpage and TicketPro
Special offer for groups  


To visit the PRAGUE FOOD FESTIVAL you will need a valid ticket for a specific day, time, and entry.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance – there is a limited number of tickets!!!
A ticket purchased in advance guarantees admission to the festival grounds even in the event that they are closed due to full capacity. In financial terms, it is also 50 CZK cheaper than buying a ticket at the door.

Basic admission costs

450 CZK (approx. 16,50 €) in advance (this includes 150 CZK (approx. 5,5 €) admission + a 300 CZK (approx. 11 €) pack of 10 Grands for basic tasting)
or 500 CZK (approx. 18,50 €) at the door (this includes 200 CZK (approx. 7,5 €) admission + a 300 CZK (approx. 11 €) pack of 10 Grands for basic tasting).

A Grand is the official currency with a value of 30 CZK, which is necessary for purchasing festival specialties and drinks. More Grands can be purchased at any time during the festival in packs of 10 (300 CZK) at banks or from walking Grand vendors. It is not possible to exchange any Grands that are left over for money.

You can buy tickets until they are sold out:
PFF advance sales make a purchase here by bank transfer (no later than 16 May from the Czech Republic, no later than 9 May from abroad) or with a payment card (no later than 23 May) – admission to the festival grounds is guaranteed :-)
10 Grands    450 CZK (approx. 16,50 €)
20 Grands    750 CZK (approx. 27,50 €)
30 Grands 1,050 CZK (approx. 39 €)
40 Grands 1,350 CZK (approx. 50 €)
50 Grands 1,650 CZK (approx. 61 €)

Upon paying, you will find a simple tax document in your user account in the “Orders” folder, where you will fill in the required invoicing data.

In the TICKETPRO network
Admission to the festival grounds is guaranteed :-)
Printed tickets (no e-tickets)
No later than 26 May
10 Grands     450 CZK (approx. 16,50 €)

Tickets at the door at box offices at entrances to the grounds during the PFF (27-29 May from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.) in cash only – there is a risk that the grounds will be temporarily closed :-( -- the price of admission at the door is 50 CZK more expensive
10 Grands    500 CZK (approx. 18,50 €)
20 Grands    800 CZK (approx. 29,50 €)
30 Grands 1,100 CZK (approx. 41 €)
40 Grands 1,400 CZK (approx. 52 €)
50 Grands 1,700 CZK (approx. 63 €)


Admission is free for children up to 6 years of age. No other discounts apply.

Payments at the door can only be made in cash. There are four ATMs at Prague Castle (ČSOB at the Prague Castle Riding School; KB, ČS and GE Money in the second and third courtyards).

In the castle grounds, it is necessary to observe the following:
No own drinks and food are permitted.
No smoking
No dogs allowed
No admission with a bicycle, etc.

Apetit je hlad v luxusním vydání.
Anita Danielová