Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

Barkona Snails

The family company BARKONA from the town of Olomouc has been breeding snails since 2011. They are processing snail meat and snail caviar and offer their customers both the “snail classic” and their own meals inspired not only by Czech but also international cuisine.
But love for food and gastronomy has led them further and so at the beginning of 2017 the farm has launched their own and original bacon jams and bacon delicacies. In their production they put emphasis on local resources, traditional Czech herbs and spices, handicraft and mainly on delicious and unique flavours of their original recipes.
The gastroteam made up of Radek Koňárek and Barbora Jurková motivate each other in trying out new recipes in which they are not afraid to create tempting combinations and to experiment with local ingredients.

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