Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

Bohemia Sekt


BOHEMIA SEKT is an established Czech producer of sparkling and traditional wine. Their consumers' trust has been obliging them to produce top-quality sparkling and regular wine for over 70 years. That is why today more than two thirds of sparkling wine consumed in the Czech Republic comes from their production.

Awards won by BOHEMIA SEKT sparkling wines both at prominent international and domestic wine competitions attest to their high quality.

Sparkling wines from the town of Starý Plzenec speak to those who can appreciate quality, elegance and luxury. They have all the attributes of a modern and more and more sough-after lifestyle. People connect Bohemia Sekt sparkling wine with the ability to rejoice in the company of others. They find in them inspiration, self-confidence, contentment, harmony and sensuality.

Bohemia Sekt

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