Bon-Bon is a Czech chocolate and marzipan maker who is presenting a range of pralines made from herbs and various types of hot chocolate.

Each festival day get ready for teaspoon tasting of fifteen types of hot chocolate from various locations differing not only in their cocoa percentage but also with various kinds of spices.

“We fill more than a hundred different kinds of pralines almost daily, we slice nougat, coat little balls, lumps, colour and shape marzipan... We use only the best ingredients: chocolate comes from Italy, we import marzipan and cocoa from the Netherlands, nougat is supplied by a German company and we also buy many top-quality Czech ingredients: butter, cream, rum, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts .....”

Festival offer:

Menu Price
in Grands

Strawberries in chocolate 5
Ice-cream 1 scoop 1
Praline 1 pc 1
All-you-can-eat chocolate 7
BON-BON chocolate cup variation 3
"Cup and cone" tasting but what is inside? 2
Iced tea from cocoa bean hulls 2
Lemonade from home-made syrups and cocoa nibs 2

Bon Bon - pralinky   Bon Bon - čokoláda
Bon Bon - pralinky   Bon Bon - čokoláda

The main technologist Jiri Soukup (pictured on the right) will show a manual chocolate tempering on the stand and produce Madagascar chocolate with basil / lemon filling.

Location in the area:

Mapa festivalu

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