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Château Valtice

 CHÂTEAU VALTICE – Wine cellars Valtice

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belong among the most important and oldest wineries in the Czech Republic. They are a family-type company with deep Moravian roots and traditions. For several years the winery has been running successfully under the leadership of Antonín Šťastný and his two sons. With its character, orientation and size the company corresponds to a middle sized French CHÂTEAU-style producer and is at the same time the largest grower of grapevine in the Czech Republic.

Come and taste top-quality CHÂTEAU VALTICE wine, for dozens of years belonging among the best domestic and international wine, which is attested by frequent successes at both national and international renowned exhibitions. Among the latest successes of this winery belongs the historically first red Šampion Salonu vín (Champion of the Wine Salon) 2016 and also the Vinařství roku (Winery of the Year) 2014 title.

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Vinařství Kovacs (Kovacs Winery)

a small family-type winery based in the village of Novosedly in Moravia. The winery continues the long-standing tradition of growing grapevine and producing top-quality wine oriented at authentic origin. The experienced vintner, winemaker and enologist Alois Černík has personally been taking care of the vineyards and wine production for almost 15 years. Both when producing wine and in the vineyards he puts great emphasis on the unique location and soil composition of the individual vineyard tracks to come forward.

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