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The Ekovín association unites professional winemakers and vintners interested in integrated and organic grape and wine production. Their main goal is the promotion of modern and environmentally friendly farming technologies.

Winemakers united in the Ekovín association have been striving to produce top-quality wine without pesticide residue since 1992.
We aim to support the richness of species of plants, insects and other organisms both in the vineyards and the surrounding areas. Our wines are produced without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The vineyards are protected mainly by wild populations of beneficial organisms and substances increasing the natural ability of grapevine to resist infestation by diseases and pests. Come and see the top quality of our wine for yourself!


Vinařství Gotberg (Gotberg Winery)

The Gotberg winery is located near Hustopeče in the village of Popice. The winery was created in 2003 and in the early years concentrated on planting new vineyards. Gotberg launched their first wines in 2010. They are currently managing 56 hectares of their own vineyards.
Since its establishment the winery has endeavoured to produce top-quality wines with attributes, focusing on traditional as well as new varieties. White wines include Pálava, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Silvaner, Moravian muscat, Pinot gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, red wines include Blaufränkisch, Merlot and Pinot noir. Gotberg wines have been awarded at many competitions both at home and abroad.

Gotberg is involved in the Czech-Austrian project ECOWIN for protecting nature by the greening of viticulture. When processing grapes Gotberg respects European standards and uses the most modern technologies, whether when producing wine in stainless steel tanks or in traditional oak barrels.



Vinařství Válka (Válka Winery)

Harmony with nature is the motto of the family-owned Válka Winery, taken from our ancestors. Since 1991 we have been zealously building our small family company which is fully devoted to growing grapevine organically with the use of extensive knowledge and many years of experience. The vineyard lies on the slopes of the Výhon Natural Park, 25 km south of Brno. You will find our wine cellar and vineyard in the small town of Nosislav where the river Svratka runs its serpentine course and above it curls a landscape planted with grapevine.
Together the location, soil and the work of the winemaker make up excellent wine with a fine mineral and spicy structure. We aim to create unique wine with a character. The challenge for the Válka wine is the authenticity of flavours and aroma but also the search for and the finding of the right combinations with ambitious meals. Also important is the message from the winemaker himself – from the amateur painter on each bottle, leaflet or elsewhere, depicting the wine country with paintbrush and colours.
The winery's specialities are red wines – cabernet, cuvée wine, fine-tuned by the winemaker, but also grapevine jelly, soft cider and young wine.

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