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The Ekovín association unites professional winemakers and vintners interested in integrated and organic grape and wine production. A common theme for these winemakers running 170 businesses on over 12 000 hectares of vineyards in the Czech Republic is responsibility towards the country, land, customers, future generations and themselves.

Since 1992 they have been striving to produce top-quality wine without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The vineyards are protected mainly by wild populations of beneficial organisms and substances increasing the natural ability of grapevine to resist infestation by diseases and pests.

Through delicate and considerate handling the Ekovín association aims to support the richness of species of plants, insects and other organisms both in the vineyards and the surrounding areas. Thus they naturally create an environment rich in rare plant and animal species, resembling the most precious natural segments protected in natural reserves.  

Festival offer:

Name Description Price for glass in Grands Price for bottle in Grands

Nikolsburg Pálava 2016, grape selection, semi-dry 2 12

Nikolsburg Ryzlink rýnský 2016, later harvest, dry 2 12

Sekt Jan Petrák Cuvée rosé (extra brut) 3 14

Sekt Jan Petrák Blanc de blanc (sec) 3 14

Templářské sklepy Čejkovice Solaris 2016, grape selection, New Age 2 12

Templářské sklepy Čejkovice Hibernal 2015, later harvest, New Age 2 12

Vinařství Nepraš & Co Savrie 2014, later harvest, dry 2 12

Vinařství Nepraš & Co Gravettien Rosé 2016, later harvest 2 12

Vinařství Škrobák Rulandské bílé 2016, later harvest, dry 2 12

Vinařství Škrobák Rulandské šedé 2016, grape selection, dry 2 12

Vinařství Válka Chardonnay 2016, later harvest, dry, BIO 2 12

Vinařství Válka Cuvée Bellus 2016, grape selection, semi-dry,
BIO Premium, Reserve
2 12

Víno Marcinčák Sauvignon blanc 2016, BIO, later harvest, dry 2 12

Víno Marcinčák Pinot gris BIO 2016, orange wine, grape selection, dry 2 12

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