Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018


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For the second year in a row the presentation of the premium HOTPOINT household appliances will be a part of the Prague Food Festival programme. Visitors will be able to see and try the newest line of built-in appliances whose unique design already won several international awards. The functions and the intuitive operation of the hot-air and multifunction ovens, hobs and many others will be presented “in action” by chef Tomáš Jiskra. While highlighting specific features of the appliances he will prepare favourite dishes of VIP personalities who will visit the HOTPOINT stand and share their relationship regarding food and cooking.

The notional icing on the cake will be a chance to win a refrigerator from the newest DAY 1 line which offers not only advanced functions for top-quality storing of groceries but also a unique and timeless design dominated by a robust vertical handle.


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