Husí játra (Goose Foie Gras)

During their four-year presence on the market, “Husí játra” became a leading supplier and distributor of Foie Gras and premium poultry in the Czech republic. Thanks to their top quality, speed and personal approach they have managed to appeal to the best chefs and customers with an interest in the highest quality across the country and beyond.

The “Goose catering” team will prepare a menu using ingredients personally selected and purchased each week by Filip Töpfer at farms in southern Hungary. The menu will among others include the popular Goose liver with apples and onion but for instance also the newly introduced Foie Gras ice-cream.

Festival offer:

Goose Foie Gras with onion and apples 10 G
Picnic Foie Gras 10 G
"Do You Know What You Eat?" (You don’t :) 2 G
Husí játra    Husí játra
Husí játra    Husí játra

Location in the area:

Mapa festivalu

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