Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

K-Let’s BBQ

Come and try high-quality food from the grill. Seafood and other delicacies from Kaufland's counters according to Zdeněk Pohlreich's recipes. On Sunday at 2pm "Cooking mentoring" by the grill chef himself.

Festival offer:

Menu Price in Grands

Seabass with "au Pistou" soup 2
Grilled Entrecote with asparagus and Béarnaise sauce 2
Red sea bream with vegetable ragout and vongole mussel juice 2


Location in the area:

Mapa festivalu

Copak jestli je to zdravý, na to lidi kašlou, lidi mají rádi, když je to hlavně dobrý, pak řešej až, jestli je to zdravý…
Zdeněk Pohlreich