Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

Koláček bakery

Outstanding taste of pure rye bread baked in the old-fashioned way

A family bakery from the Jizerské mountains bakes pure rye bread made in a traditional way - with three-stage leaven building from rye flour and baked "in the old-fashioned way", meaning with a hard crust and soft well baked crumb. At Koláčkova bakery, they take their time making the bread and the result of their careful approach is bread with really extraordinary qualities. Apart from the pleasant aroma you will also appreciate the fine crumb without unpleasant acidity and you will please your body as well - this pure rye bread is well digestible and has excellent nutritional values. You can pick from several flavours. This year they have also prepared sweet pastries for you sweetened with dates and honey instead of sugar.

Koláčkova pekárna

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