Create your own ice cream cup according to your ideas and "try on your own" the ideas of Kreativ!


  • Throughout the day, it is possible to buy in the SHOP  specials and subscriptions to the titles with interesting bonuses, Kreativgifts and Gurmet picnic blankets

  • Puro Gelato will be refreshed in the form of your famous ice cream and you will be able to decorate your own cup, which you can enter in the competition with Kreativ magazine

  • Principle of the contest: order a cup - decoration cup - take a cup and upload to your Instagram with hashtags #kreativnipohar #kreativ_casopis #praguefoodfestival and select 3 winners every day - winnings are subscription Creative / Creative Package

  • Ice cream is sold for Grands (scoop = 1 grand, cup with choice of sprinkles = 2 Grandy)

  • The variety of ice-creams will change every day

  • An integral part of the Creative Tent will be a creative workshop with the opportunity to "try on your own" to create paperwork and warehouses from individual editions - the workshop will be free of charge and will be assisted by the Creative Hostess and you can send a free view of the Creative from Prague Food Festival and the PFF stamp - we will send out the mail for you!
  • Part of the zone is a photo wall with the Prague Food Festival logo 2018 and the logos of each title, where everyone can take a picture while placing their Instagram, marked #gurmet_casopis #praguefoodfestival, to immediately print the photo and take it to the Instage. If you do not have an Instagram account, Instagraf hostess will like to take pictures and print photos. Hashtags can also be used for photos from another part of the event, and then printed on the Instage for the photo wall.

Location in the area:

Mapa festivalu

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