Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018


When selecting premium chocolate every detail counts. The Swiss LINDT chocolate Masters are real experts in their field. They always strive to create chocolate which will melt softly in your mouth and will captivate your every sense.

You can look forward to 6 types of Excellence chocolate bars available for tasting – 70%, 85%, Chilli, Orange, Sea salt and Mint.
This year, however, there will be more for you to enjoy than just chocolate. A sommelier will recommend you the right wine!

Types of chocolate availabale for purchase:
Excellence 70%
Excellence 85%
Excellence 99%
Excellence 90%
Excellence Dark Orange
Excellence Extra Creamy
Excellence Chili
Excellence Coconut
Excellence Strawberry
Excellence Sea Salt
Excellence Intense Mint
Excellence Caramel Sea Salt

Lindt    Lindt

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Polovina z toho, co sníme, udržuje naživu nás, druhá polovina lékaře.
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