Vyšehrad, 25–27 May, 2018

Marmalades with story

Marmalades with a story by Hana Šindlerová

Love for cooking and for food in combination with a sad life story and disillusionment over the quality of food led Hana Šindlerová to enter the marmalade market. She founded the first Marmalade shop in Prague where delicacies are made from top-quality ingredients and with unrelenting enthusiasm. Her team makes over 80 kinds of jams and marmalades. They are original, with balanced flavours, and no chemical additives, colouring agents or preservatives. The whole process, starting with cleaning the fruit all the way to labelling the jar is honest handicraft. "Miss Marmalade" is reminded each day by hundreds of satisfied customers that she chose the right path. You can find her products not only on the counters of exclusive shops but also in renowned Prague hotels such as the Four Seasons, Corinthia or the Alcron.
The marmalade maker will present her craft at the Prague Food Festival: "And what is most important for me – my kids have the marmalades for breakfast! As every mother I wish to only give the best to my children! Try for yourselves and I guarantee you that once you have tasted the marmalades you won't be able to resist... :-)"

Festival offer:

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Pancake 2
Pancake "classic not only for children" with jam of your choice: strawberry, apricot, blueberry, black currant, peach or a combination of strawberry-raspberry, raspberry 2
Pancake "saturday night fever" pancake with strawberry jam with fresh ginger and chilli 2
Pancake "sweet dream" pancake with juniper-chocolate or pear jam with real bourbon vanilla 2
Pancake"green energy" pancake with jelly jam with Japanese matcha tea 2
Pancake "blossoming raspberry" with raspberry jam and elderberry blossom 2
Pancake "vitamine bomb" with jam of aronia or elderberry jelly 2

Marmelády s příběhem Marmeláda hruška - mák
Marmeláda fíky na víně

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