Vyšehrad castle

The Vyšehrad complex is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People can spend their free time in an extensive and well-kept park, visit a number of permanent exhibits, exhibitions in galleries or come with children to The Old Burgrave's House for the regular kids programme. You can find more information here

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The Old Burgrave's House

The Old Burgrave's House is a palace building constructed in the Royal District during the reign of Charles IV in the second half of the 14th century. It was the only palace building in the location and from this era to survive the pillaging by Hussite militia in 1420, probably thanks to its function as the seat of Vyšehrad's master of provisions. The current state of the Old Burgrave's House is a result of a Baroque reconstruction which suited the building to the needs of the Vyšehrad fortress in the 18th century.

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Gotický sklep

Gothic Cellar

The exhibition presents Vyšehrad in its various historical appearances. Visitors can learn more information about the transformations of the location, its purpose and understanding in time on-site.

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Vyšehrad Gallery

The gallery building is a remnant of a guard tower which used to be a part of medieval ramparts. It is located atop a rock which rises above the so-called Libuše's Bath. According to the Revivalists the mythical duchess Libuše prophesied glory to the city of Prague on top of this rock.

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Cihelná brána

The Brick Gate

A modern audiovisual exhibition offers a unique excursion to Prague's history. A special 3D model of contemporary Prague shows the development of Vyšehrad in relation to the development of the city and its fortification.

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The Casemates and Gorlice

The complex system of casemates, underground corridors for rapid troop movement, came to existence in the 17th and 18th centuries during the construction of the Baroque bastion fortification. In present day, Gorlice, the largest of the underground spaces, a hall comprised of 300 square meters, 13 m high, houses six original sculptures from the Charles Bridge.

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