Vyšehrad, 25–27 May, 2018

Národní tým AKC ČR

Národní tým AKC ČR
The Association of Czech Chefs and Confectioners is the strongest professional cooking organization. The Czech National Culinary Team of AKC ČR proudly represents our gastronomy at competitions around the world. They honour the traditional values of the culinary profession but they also like to learn modern trends. Their goal is to succeed at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt in 2020. 

In April 2018, Czech culinary team won a world championship in Singapore which is a great achievement. Come and support them at the Prague Food Festival!

Festival offer:

Menu Price in Grands

Pine-marinated venison loin, baked apple, apple jelly, Easter bun, carrot  4
Veal tenderloin, foie gras sauce, fried veal thymus, truffle mashed potatoes 5
Gingerbread cake with apricots and plums, caramel, vanilla, ice-cream from clarified butter 3

The team:

Jan Horký – captain, Master Chef Compass Group
Jan is one of the best Czech chefs. He regularly ranks among the top 10 of various charts. He is the Czech Chef of the year 2008 and he bears dozens of other awards from both national and international competitions.

Tomáš Popp – team manager
Tomáš loves cooking but he dedicates himself more to ingredients. He runs Farmer's shops across the Pilsen region and he coordinates the best farmer's markets in the Czech Republic. He connects farmers and excellent food makers with chefs.

Martin Svatek
– chef of the Nautilus Hotel
Martin is the king of South Bohemia. He bases his dishes on traditional recipes and gives them a modern coat. He plays both an irreplaceable unifying and organisational role in the team. He publishes gastronomic-themed articles regularly and he is preparing his own cookbook.

Kateřina Štěpánková - International Cooperation Manager, HR & Training Coordinator, Marriott
Katka, thanks to her experience with team management and staff training, she keeps the team altogether. At the same time, she is a passionate lover of foreign languages, so she keeps communication with the international partners of the National Team.

Patrik Bečvář - chef of the French Art Nouveau restaurant
Patrik is one of the most talented young chefs in the Czech Republic. In 2013 he became Chef of the Year. He also participated in the prestigious San Pelegrino Young Chef competition.

Norbert Hojda - the chef of the Hospoda Domov Liberec restaurant
Norbert loves Czech cuisine, which he can perfectly modernize while retaining his own identity. He is a really enthusiastic about good food. He has proven that even in smaller cities can be found a place with top gastronomy.

Pavel Minář - expert gastronomic consultant
Pavel is a fan of the Slow Food movement - cooking based on seasonal local ingredients. To know the raw materials from which they cook and treat them with respect, it is Paul's creed.

Martin Pudil - chef of restaurant Červená Lhota
Martin is the Junior Chef of the Year and also the youngest member of the National Team. It is the new blood of Czech gastronomy. Like all members of the team, he is also a lover of Czech raw materials and meals.

Petr Vlásek - chef of Avantgarde restaurant Prague
Petr cooks modernly with love for traditional Czech cuisine. During his culinary life, he met in the kitchen with top Czech chefs and today he is the one who distributes the experience and the passion for cooking.

Pavlína Klopfštoková
- Head of Vocational Training School of SŠŘaS Děčín
Pavlina is one of the two confectioners in the team. She is a Champion of the Czech Republic in the Confectionery field. She even won the Usti Region Award for the contribution of gastronomy in education.

Helena Fléglová - confectioner of Dallucci cafe
Helena as a confectioner loves to work with chocolate. She travels through chocolate and is constantly learning from the best confectioners.

Iva Roháčová - confectioner and freelance artist

Ondřej G. Brzobohatý - team ambassador


- International competition in Singapore (silver, bronze)
- Intergastra Stuttgart - gold
- Culinary World Cup ExpoGast Luxembourg (2x silver)

- International competition Warth (gold)

- Intergastra Stuttgart - gold
- IKA – Culinary Olympics (silver, bronze)

- International competition in Luxembourg (2x bronze)

- International competition in Luxembourg (silver, bronze)

- IKA – Culinary Olympics (2x bronze)

 - FHA Singapur 2018 - Gold medal and overall victory 

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