Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018


Am I allowed to spend 1 hour at maximum at the festival?

No. The one-hour period covers only coming to the festival. Whenever you decide to come, you may stay till 9PM on Friday and Saturday or till 8PM on Sunday when the festival ends and the whole site is closed.

Where can I find my tickets?

When logged in, go to the “User account” and select the “Tickets” tab. Click on “PDF” in the last column. (You will not see your tickets until they are paid.)

Where can I find my “User account”?

When logged in, you can find it in the upper right corner under your log in – click on it and you can choose from various tabs.

I have no “Tickets” tab in my “User account”!

You are logged in into a different project. When in your “User account”, click on the “Prague Food Festival” profile (we also have other projects: Grand Restaurant Festival, Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant).

Can I change the day and hour of my ticket?

No, you cannot. Please notice that the festival site has certain daily capacity. Think about your festival tickets as if they are tickets to the cinema.

Can I buy more Grands?

You can buy as many Grands as you wish during the whole festival. They are sold as packs of 10 pieces (CZK 300) in banks or at Grand sellers. You have to pay in cash. The remaining Grands cannot be exchanged back for money.

Where and how can I pay?

The “Payment details” (in a printable format) are in the last column of the “My orders” tab in your “User account”.

If paying from abroad, you will need this data:

UniCreditBank Czech Republic, a.s.
account no. 2102724068/2700

CZ71 2700 0000 0021 0272 4068

MauMau, s.r.o.
Heřmanova 1119/9
170 00 Praha 7
Reg ID 27079112
Tax identification number CZ27079112

The “Log in” button does not work.

It is possible that the “Log in” button does not work. It may be caused by an old version of your browser or by its settings. We recommend you to install the latest version of your browsers; alternatively, you may try to log in on another computer.

My login and password do not work.

In case you cannot log in after you have just registered, the most likely cause is that you have not finished the registration process. After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email from us in which you have to click on the link for verification, so that we can verify your email works. This step will finish your registration. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Log in/Register” button; there is the link “Forgot your password?” under the password field. Click on it, write your email used for registration, and type the check code. We will send you a new password. In case of a repeated query for a new password, only the last one will work.

Do you miss an order?

If you cannot see your order in your user account although the requested items are shown as reserved, the order was not properly finished. If so, click here to finish it.

Where can I find my tax receipt?

In your user account in the last column of the “My orders” tab. You can easily update your data if changed.

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