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At the Prague Food Festival they will present a new recipe of the iced tea with less ingredients and delicious tea leaves from the Indian Nilgiris district, where tea is the traditional drink. It is a place renowned for its quality and history. "We put our hearts into the new NESTEA®."
• Delicious tea leaves
• New look and impression
• Easier recipe with no undesirable

Moreover, all tea comes from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance and bears the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ mark. This certification means that NESTEA® meets the standards supporting biodiversity conservation, protection of soil, waterways and wildlife. At the same time they help guarantee decent housing, access to medical care and education for the children of people working on farms.

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v Grandech

Nestea black tea peach The peach combined with genuine tea leaves offers a pleasant, peach flavor. This is the most popular tea in NESTEA® and we know it will taste you as well. 1
Nestea black tea lemon Nothing beats the classic. This sparkling, full-lemon flavored ice tea enriches your day with a delicious taste experience. 1
Nestea green tea lime/mint Green lime will boost you up, refreshing mint will cool you down. 1
Nestea green tea raspberry This iced tea brings a floral scent of rural gardens and an intense taste of red raspberries that will surely refresh you all day. 1
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