Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

Lobkowicz Breweries

This year again the visitors of the festival can look forward to our excellent beer served by the best experts. You can look forward to the traditional Lobkowicz Premium Ležák (Lager) which already collected several awards from the most renowned competitions this year such as the Zlatá Pivní Pečeť (Gold Brewer’s Seal) 2017. There will also be the top-fermented Lobkowicz Premium Ale which made us happy at the prestigious Žatecká Dočesná (Žatec Hop-Harvest Festival) 2016 competition when it won first place in the Ale-type beer category. You can quench your thirst with Lobkowicz Premium Nealkoholický (Non-alcoholic) which scored this year at the Zlatý pohár – PIVEX (Golden Cup) competition. For fans of diversity we have also prepared Lobkowicz Premium Černý (Dark Lager), Lobkowicz Premium Kvasnice (Yeast Beer) and Lobkowicz Premium Pšenice (Wheat Beer) in our tent.

ALE Bruessel černý Munich ležák nealko Ferrara


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