Vyšehrad 26th. - 28th of May. 2017

Prolog Bar

Prolog Bar
The biggest hit on the Prague bar scene, “PROLOG, The Exceptional Cocktail Bar” - it is an exceptional place (not only) for exceptional moments! A wide selection of exclusive spirits is represented by 7 signature cocktails created for the Prague Food Festival by local bartenders; non-alcoholic cocktails are designed for the Prolog bar especially by the world champion Achim Šipl.
Cocktails in Prolog contain edible gold, with others you can experience original molecular mixology, non-traditional serving, and yet others will bring you to a pleasant heat with their spiciness. Good drinks go hand in hand with modern international cuisine. Therefore you can look forward to pairing of drinks with food.

The Real McCoy Under Bridge Society Viva La Diva

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