Vyšehrad 25th. - 27th of May. 2018

Rougette a Pâté du Chef

Baked Rougette cheese

Taste the baked cheese delicacy! Delicately mature Rougette cheese with noble mould designated to be prepared in the oven ranks among the European top in its category. Let yourself be pampered by the mastery of the cheese-makers from the family-owned Käserei Champignon cheese factory from the foothills of the Alps.


Pâté du Chef

Even Czech pâté can be a delicacy. We produce our Pâté du Chef in the Czech Republic and in Belgium and it is popular mainly in countries to the west of the Czech Republic. A gourmet fusion of high-quality and non-traditional ingredients.


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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin