Smíchovský Výběr

Main Partner and Supplier of Beer Specialties at Prague Food Festival and an exclusive supplier of beer and beer specials and malt-based beverages at the Prague Food Festival.

The days when the Czech beer maker brewed only lagers and ales is long gone. The current trend is experimenting and experiencing new tastes. And that is why the Smíchov selection is here; it consists of four original beer specials, each of which presents the best from the mastery of the Staropramen brewery chief brewers, passed down from generation to generation.
The traditional Granát beer (the oldest still brewed semi-dark beer in the country), the unique wheat Nefiltr beer, the ever more popular strongly hopped Extra chmelená 12 and the returning Velvet beer inspired by traditional English recipes all have their place among the Smíchov selection. Each of these beers boasts not only an exclusive taste and a strong character instilled in them by current and past chief brewers of the brewery but also a unique story of its origin or the preservation of its recipe.

Festival offer:

1 Gr
- Velvet
1 Gr - Nefiltr
1 Gr - Garnet 13 °
1 Gr - Extra 12 °

The festival-goers can look forward to the best from the Staropramen brewery, the so called Smíchov selection. It is represented by the refined strongly hopped Extra chmelená 12 beer from J. Špaček whose recipe is an homage particularly to the Saaz hop variety. Furthermore by the unconventional wheat Nefiltr beer from Z. Lux with a recipe inspired by three beer worlds and the polished Granát beer from M. Trnka brewed in Smíchov since 1884. And last but not least the Velvet beer with a rich and creamy head of foam and the avalanche effect in the glass after decanting brewed over twenty years ago by R. Kužela.

Staropramen Velvet  Staropramen Nefiltr
Staropramen Granát  Staropramen Extra chmelená

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