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B\V logoThe aim of the winery is the production of high-quality wine with attributes from grapes grown on historically renowned and excellently located vineyards which grants them their uniqueness and unrepeatability.


Both the newest trends and historical experience of our ancestors are respected during the wine-making procedures and together with modern wine-making technology and gentle processing of grapes appropriate conditions are created for their transformation into a unique wine which perfectly reflects the place it comes from and the character of the soil it is made from.
Even though the base for perfect wine is solely a perfect grape and any other efforts for its improvement are merely a question of the quality of the starting material, select parts of wine are further trained and cultivated by maturation in French oak BARRIQUE-type barrels. If they were predestined for it they will obtain an even more perfect structure, fullness and complexity both aromatically and flavour-wise.


White wine varieties are represented mainly by Riesling, Welschriesling, Silvaner, Neuburger, Grüner Veltliner, Frühroter Veltliner and from the Pinot family by Pinot gris and Chardonnay.
From the aromatic varieties the winery has Moravian muscat, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon and Müller-Thurgau.
For the production of rosé and red wine the following varieties are represented: high-quality Pinot noir, Blaufränkisch, Zweigeltrebe, Nitra, Neronet, André, St. Laurent and Blauer Portugieser.

Festival offer:

Name Price for glass in Grands Price for bottle in Grands

RYZLINK RÝNSKÝ Č.Š. 1529 2015 semi-dry 2 12

RULANDSKÉ ŠEDÉ Č.Š. 1526, 2015 dry 2 12

TRAMÍN ČERVENÝ Č.Š. 1616, 2016 semi-dry 2 12
B/L Sklepy
Sady Sady2

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