Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017

Vinselekt Michlovský

Perfectly situated vineyards, primarily at the Pálava hills, together with a suitable limestone subsoil, favourable climatic conditions and expert traditional processing enable them to produce beautiful wine having both excellent freshness with fruit flavours and wine that is full-bodied, extractive and spicy with a distinct potential for bottle ageing.

To partake in the production of wine which is a flawless product of the surrounding nature is not only an existential question for us but also joy of accomplishment, a certain type of art and a justified dignity and pride.

Doc. Ing. Miloš Michlovský, DrSc.

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S láskou je tomu jako s jídlem - když má člověk velké oči, pustí se do toho, ale dlouho nevydrží.
Antoine-Francois Callet