Vyšehrad 25. - 27. května 2018

What is it about?

We have selected for you the most interesting projects in the field of recycling and conscious consumerism.

Try, create, discover!

Within the Taste Waste philosophy which will accompany the whole 10th year of the Prague Food Festival we have prepared a stylized fashion show where the students of the the College of Fashion Design in Prague will “give a new life to old clothes” under the guidance of academic painter Česlav Jaroš.

Kokoza will demonstrate that it is possible to practice gardening successfully even in urban conditions and to use organic leftovers for example with the use of Californian earth worms.

At Bezobalu you will try delicacies without the use of superfluous packaging which not only makes the food more expensive but also influences its nutritional properties in a negative way.

Bring an empty bottle or an unused glass and it will change before your eyes into an original item with a new life at the Sklo Srna (Srna Glass) stand.

At the Nila gallery they love beautiful things created with respect to nature and people. At the festival they will present accessories and fashion belonging to “slow fashion”.

You will try rye bread made by a traditional method and a range of new products from the Koláčkova Craft Bakery.

There will also be top-quality sheep, goat and cow cheeses from the Držovice Farm.

Dobré Ghí (Good Ghee) will explain the benefits of clarified or purified butter which has commonly been used by our ancestors.

Inspiration for a no-wasting and considerate approach to one's surroundings is prepared by prominent Czech artists. Actress and designer Jana Krausová is preparing a special Taste Waste collection of ceramic plates for the 10th anniversary of the festival. You can also look forward to a “Gastronomical installation in style of wasted” from the renowned fashion designer Liběna Rochová.

You have to see the lightest, most aerodynamic and most economical production car of the world at Volkswagen

We want to contribute against clogging our planet with waste plastic, that is why this year you will enjoy festival dishes from organic, compostable cutlery from the Obalynajidlo.cz company.

The programme unit Different view/Taste Waste at the Ball Game Hall (Míčovna) was created thanks to the kind support of the 3 Duby civic association.

Kokoza cuketa v pytli Kokoza jahoda

Střez se dobrého kuchaře a mladé ženy!
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