Vyšehrad, 25–27 May, 2018

On-line Tickets

Orderding is not active.
Tickets are valid for specific day, time and entrance. It is necessary to PRINT tickets from your user account, clicking on the tab bookmarked ¨TICKETS¨.
  • DAY - Choose which day is the most suitable for you (Friday 25.5, Saturday 26.5, Sunday 27.5)
  • TIME - You have to enter the area in specific time and then you can stay until closing time (Friday, Saturday until 21:00, Sunday until 19:00)
  • ENTRY - Choose one of the four entrances (A,B,C – see the map). Entrance to the area is possible only by entrance which you can see on the ticket. (D entrance is for sponsors and VIP guests only and is not for sale.)

No dogs or other pets permitted in area Smoking not allowed Zákaz lahví
You can buy discounted ticket from 450 CZK (150 CZK entrance + package of 10 Grands for 300 CZK)
Presale tickets are available until Friday 25th at 10am at  TicketPro network.
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ON SPOT ticket costs 500 CZK
(200 CZK entrance + 300 CZK package of 10 Grands)
Children under 6 years of age have free admission. Other discounts are not available.

Grand is the only official festival currency. The value of one grand is 30 CZK. Grands can be bought by packages by 10 pieces (300 CZK) at festival banks or from official dealers in the area, however it is better to buy them in advance along with ticket.


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