Le Grill, The Grand Mark Hotel

Le Grill, The Grand Mark Hotel
Live music
Reception room
Garden restaurant
Wheelchair access
Children’s corner
Dogs permitted
Farmers' Products
Hybernská 12
Praha 1 - Nové Město
110 00
7–11, 12–15, 18–22.30, po–pá, 7–15, 18–22.30 so–ne

phone: 226226126
In this refined restaurant you will enjoy specialities of international and modern Czech cuisine made with premium ingredients supplied by Czech farmers and seasoned with freshly picked herbs from the hotel herb garden. In warm weather you can sit in an exceptional private garden with a Baroque fountain which is an ideal spot for a breakfast, light lunch or a romantic dinner.
You will find us:
25. 5. 2018 - stand 20
26. 5. 2018 - stand 20
27. 5. 2018 - stand 20

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