Vyšehrad 25th. - 27th of May. 2018

Visiting Rules

  1. Admission to the festival is restricted to visitors with a valid ticket. The organizer is entitled to close the entrance to the festival for the capacity area, such a conclusion does not apply to visitors with tickets purchased, which in this case will be allowed entry. The organizer is entitled to close the entrance to the festival area for safety reasons.
  2. The organizer is entitled to make when entering the festival security check and identify visitors to the festival, including control items carried on the festival.
  3. The visitor is not entitled to consume food or beverages in other areas of, than those in which the festival takes place.
  4. The festival will not bring or use:
    1. weapons, pyrotechnics, cans, PET bottles, glass jars, or other dangerous objects.
    2. food and beverages, outside food and beverages intended to provide visitors with the participants.
    3. narcotic or toxic substances.
  5. It is not allowed to take food and drinks offered to visitors by participants of the festival outside the festival area.
  6. Smoking in the festival area is not allowed.
  7. It is prohibited to open fire, except for the use of fire parties technological adaptations foods and beverages.
  8. The festival will not take pictures or audio-visual recordings for commercial purposes.
  9. By entering the festival gives visitors agree that in connection with the festival and the festival area may be taking photographs and audiovisual recordings showing the visitor, which can then be used. For the acquisition and use of such photographs and audiovisual recordings no remuneration or other compensation. This agreement also applies to minors accompanied by a visitor.
  10. Visitors are required to follow rules set the Vyšehrad Administration for use of the premises of the Vyšehrad, which are displayed at Vyšehrad and the festival area, including instructions placard in the form of pictograms. Visitors are required to respect the instructions of the organizer of Vyšehrad, police and security and fire services, and these guidelines are followed.
  11. Dogs and other animals are prohibited at the festival.
  12. The organizer is entitled to refuse to be in violation of these conditions, or a person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other addictive, narcotic or psychotropic substances festival entry or expel a person from the festival, and for no admission fee.
  13. For minor festival goers meet their legal representatives, or persons exercising supervision over minors visitor.
  14. Without a special written contract with the organizer, visitors are not allowed to perform any trade or other business activities (e.g. offer their goods, sell or provide their goods or services, advertising or marketing activities), both under their own and another name, as a representative of a third party, or on behalf of their own or somebody else.
  15. Program subject to change.

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